Proud2bMe for Healthy Body Image of Teens

0_0_0_0_344_185_csupload_48756060In today’s media soaked world, children and teens are dealing with a tremendous pressure to be thin…the ideal of today’s society.  The Thin Ideal is just that…not real…based on doctored up photos of models with stretched legs and carved out waists, and hollowed out cheeks.  It is especially important in today’s computerized generation to be aware of the false reality, as far as body image and weight is concerned, our children are living with every day.  This Thin Ideal is responsible for the development of eating disorders such as binge eating, anorexia, and bulimia and everything in between.  Along with triggering eating disorders, the Thin Ideal is creating unrealistic expectations, resulting in low self-esteem.  It also is the source of bullying between peers related to body size.

Let’s face it, the reality is that people come in all different shapes and sizes, ethnicity and from different environments.  There are many body types, personalities, not to mention genetics to content with.  There is no perfect body, no perfect personality, no perfection in the human form.  Let’s leave that type of perfection to flowers, butterflies and Rembrandt!

How do we fight this “Thin Ideal”?  We should all take lessons from some pretty cool teens who are fighting this tooth and nail! I would like to introduce you to Proud2BMe.com, a website for teens encouraging body acceptance, speaking out against body hatred, the media and negative societal messages about weight and size, promoting healthy self esteem.

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Parents, take a ‘look and listen’  to Proud2BMe.  Notice the informative and uplifting conference that is coming up in Florida promoting Self-acceptance and positive body image, recognized by the National Eating Disorder Association.  If you like the Proud2BMe website, make sure your kids become aware of it and all the nifty info available to help them FIGHT BACK this ugly fake “Thin Ideal”!!  Let’s empower our children to like who God made them to be, and live the best life they can no matter what size they are!  This is the BEST weapon against eating disorders they can have!  

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