Is Your Loved One Struggling with an Eating Disorder or is in Recovery?

The Flying Jezebel

You have experienced pain in this process of getting them help, or you have not been able to see them get help…yet.  You want to be an encouragement and save them from this difficult mental health disorder and physical illness.  But there are times this Eating Disorder is exasperating to deal with and you find yourself angry, frustrated, scared and not knowing where to turn.  Often times, families feel that the Eating Disorder is actually their fault, which is not supported by Eating Disorder research.  You are not the cause of your loved one’s Eating Disorder, but you can and want to be part of the solution. The solution is Recovery…..your loved ones and yours

At Miller Counseling Services, we believe in helping our clients AND their families. We provide family therapy as part of treatment for your loved one’s Eating Disorder. You are not only part of your loved one’s recovery, but you are recovering too, and need support as your loved one heals.  You are likely healing as well, as the Eating Disorder takes a toll on your relationship with your loved one, your spouse or partner and your other family members.  You deserve to learn about Eating Disorders, how to separate out from the disorder, how to provide hope and encouragement in healthy ways to each other and your loved one.

The time is NOW for you to be a part of the recovery journey.  Miller Counseling Services wants to hear from you as we periodically plan for an Eating Disorder Recovery seminar. We’d love to know if you’re interested!

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