Expressive Arts Therapy


Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy

Susan Miller, PhD, LCMHC, NCC is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach, a Certified Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach and clinically trained psychotherapist who is also a trained fine artist in painting, multi-media art-making and fiber art.  Dr. Miller has taken her passion for art-making and combined it with psychotherapy and coaching to create a unique integrated approach to emotional healing through expressive arts experiences.

What is Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy?

Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy is based on the Truth that humans have the capacity to create the life that they want and are capable of envisioning healthy goals and dreams that reflect their unique and authentic self. 

Often folks encounter obstacles that get in their way of envisioning and achieving these dreams in the form of negative core beliefs, emotional pain, self-sabotage, addictions and unhealthy behaviors, perfectionism, resistance, avoidance, procrastination and fear. 

Many people are not connected to their own creative spirit and need help to access this part of their higher and more authentic self.


By working with a trained professional psychotherapist and creativity coach, individuals can experience healing and hope for their future as they learn how to get out of their own way, silence their inner critic and discover the Truth that lies within their heart and soul.

Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy is a fluid experience that is based on each unique person and what they wish to learn about themselves.  Dr. Miller will help each individual come up with their own design for their Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy experience.

Here are some examples of what this healing experience can look like:

  • A time to “play” with your creative spirit with the intention of getting in touch with your inner Wise Mind and learning about what you need to live a healthy, balanced, and authentic life.
  • If you are struggling with any emotional pain or grief, then you will be able to listen to that part of yourself more constructively and determine how to clear the way for healing.  Using this creative therapeutic approach, you may be surprised at how you can access more clarity about your situation and actually come up with an action plan for finding freedom, healing and health!!
  • A scheduled time for learning creative techniques such as art journaling, altered books, creative multi-media collages and projects, painting, drawing and other unique and fun ways to express your inner feelings and thoughts that have a purpose and meaning.Painting Stencil By Susan Miller
  • A time to work through specific assignments that will lead toward a better understanding of self and what gets in the way of living a healthy and balanced life.  This will lead you to healing of raw and hidden emotions from negative experiences from the past that are still affecting your life today. You will be able to understand false core beliefs that have caused you to live in negativity. With certain therapeutic art experiences, you will be able to redefine these beliefs into healthy and Truthful ones that will have a positive affect on your feelings and behaviors.  This creative cognitive restructuring therapy can have a strong affect on your life experience and healing.
  • Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy can be used in conjunction with Life or Creativity Coaching provided by Susan, or along with traditional therapy or coaching provided by another professional.  Susan can collaborate with other helping professionals to provide you with an individualized program of health and well-being.

Paint Brushed By Susan MillerWho Benefits From Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy?

  • ANYONE who is ALIVE and wants to live a more authentic and creative life!!
  • Individuals who are in counseling for Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Emotional Eating, Addictions, Transitions, Grief, Trauma and Loss, as well as many other issues.
  • Creative people AND people who THINK they are NOT creative!
  • Life and Creativity Coaching along with Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy is also a wonderful way to achieve a clearer purpose and meaning to your life and creativity.

What are the Details for Setting Up Your Session?

  • Each session of Expressive Arts//Creativity Therapy is 2 hours long. These sessions consist of individual teaching and therapy time with Dr. Miller with private studio time in our fully stocked art room.  You will have all the supplies you need to create any therapeutic experiences that are prescribed as well as plenty of individual attention.
  • This programs provided by Dr Miller through Lighted Path® Coaching office
  • The fee for this 2 hour session is $225 You may contact Lighted Path® Coaching office to schedule Expressive Arts/Creativity Therapy.  Your first session will include an initial evaluation regarding your particular needs.  You may want use this type of therapy as adjunct to any counseling or coaching that you already are experiencing.