Client Portal

If you are an Existing Client of Dr. Miller’s, for your convenience, you can schedule or change an appointment, and update your information with your customized login information. Online information will remain confidential (encrypted) for our office use only. 

​Please note:  To change an appointment time in less than 48 hours in advance, you will need to contact our office at 919-848-2100 or email at <On 7/26/22 our Client Portal link has changed and your username/password will need to be reset in order to access the Client Portal. Please email us to request access to your new portal information.>

*Please click here​ to be redirected to the Secure Client Portal*

​Step 1.  ​Click the Client Portal link.​ Upon scheduling your Initial Appointment with Dr. Miller, you will receive an email with your appointment time, paperwork you will need to e-sign, and login information for you to access your biographical information and online scheduling.

Step 2.  Click: “My Contact or Insurance information has changed”

Step 3.  Click: “I want to complete a Biographical Information Form.” Please complete all information even if currently on file.  This data is required.

Step 4.  Once you have your Initial Appointment with Dr. Miller and have completed your initial paperwork, you will be able to schedule or change an appointment time.

Questions about the new Client Portal? Here’s a great guide to get you started.