A Note About Grief & Loss


Hello Friends,

I wanted to share my heart and passion for those who have experienced miscarriage loss or are experiencing post-abortion grief.  While different issues, it is common in these situations to feel many conflicting and confusing emotions such as fear, shame, regret, sadness, anxiety, or shock. Frequently it is a topic that is difficult for people to talk about due to fear of: judgment from others, that their feelings and concerns may be minimized or misunderstood, or that discussing these experiences will bring up unpleasant emotions. For many, it is an “elephant in the room.”  Because of these reactions and the feelings that individuals frequently experience following these losses, I am particularly passionate about partnering with this population in the journey toward wholeness, healing, and living fully. Thanks for reading and partnering with my heart for this community.

Miller Counseling Services is able to offer help. If you or someone you know is experiencing a loss, please consider giving us a call to get started in processing those thoughts through counseling.

~Author: Kelly A. Carrier, MEd, LPCA, NCC (guest blogger)

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