That Side of Me


In the hectic season of being a mother of toddlers, I have put away my own toys to make room for blocks, Little People, and books that entertain my kids.  Honestly, I believe I originally put them away to keep them from being torn, slobbered on or eaten, but gone they are all the same.

The excuse over the last few years for leaving my toys “in storage” however has been lack of time.

As a mom, wife, and therapist I certainly don’t have time to “play,” right?

Or do I?

Surely I do play with my kids/spouse/family. We do fun activities together like zoo outings.  These are nice.  I get to do something fun…BUT I also maintain a role of responsibility in this activity.

So does this count?

I also place reading for work as downtime. (Nice try but not real fun)

What I wonder when I consider these examples is – how am I taking a break for fun in these situations?

I realized today while participating in a life balance activity that I am far removed from the fun version of me.

  • Who is that?
  • Where do I find her?
  • What would it be like if she were a part of my life again?

So my new challenge is to MAKE time for fun.

  • Maybe as I pull my toys back out I will find a part of me that has been missing.
  • For in this time of my life, toys are no longer just for fun.  Toys are for balance.


~Author: Stacy Farris, MS, LPCA, NCC with permission to post at Miller Counseling Services, PC

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