Who Wants to be THIS Busy?!

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I sit here today with so many tasks to accomplish; feeling rushed and knowing there is not enough time in my day to tackle all my goals.

I keep asking myself, “Why?”

Why is it so important to take my child to the doctor, get the house cleaned, the shopping complete, do laundry, change sheets, chauffeur kids to and from school, and meet with friends all in one day?  (Let me put a side note that this is my “day off”.)

Why is it I feel so much better if I accomplish all of these tasks?

Why do I feel anxiety if I see the clock running out before I can check each item off for the day?

It seems completely irrational to me that my emotional stability is tied to completing tasks, however, here I am knocking out a blog and wondering if I will still have time to vacuum before I pick up the kids…because I will feel better.

Can anyone relate?  Surely I am not alone.

I know this is not healthy, but we all have our own hang ups.

So here is my “Why?”  answer:

  • I am placing my self-worth in accomplishments.  I feel like I need a clean home, well stocked kitchen, and time to pretend I have it all together with friends so that I can feel in control.

Crazy that I do this because I KNOW I am not in control.

So lesson learned today is that even though we sometimes know the truth, we do not always apply this knowledge in our actions.

Take a look at what you have going on.

  • Is it reasonable?  Is it healthy?
  • Ask yourself what you know to be true and see if your walk is aligned.

Off to clean!  (Agh!)

~Author: Stacy Farris, MS, LPCA, NCC with permission to post on Miller Counseling Services, PC

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