Get Rid of Emotional Junk!


How much baggage do you carry around with you? If you could put all your emotional pains, relational hurts, and self-esteem or boundary issues in a bag- would it be heavy?

Do you think hauling all that junk around effects those around you? What about in your relationships- your marriage, parenting, dating, friendship…
Most of the time we unknowingly carry around these hurts and pains from memory lane. Other times, we simply need an “update” in our Recycle Bin of recent events. No matter the situation, we DO carry baggage. What would happen if you dropped it?

Maybe feeling like you need a resource?

Georgia Shaffer is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and a certified life coach with over 19 years of experience. Georgia’s new book, “Taking out your emotional trash: Face your feelings and build healthy relationships” is flying off the shelves! With permission from the Georgia, who would like to take a quiz to see if you need to “Dump Your Junk?!”

Here’s the link to Georgia’s site which includes her book information. Check it out, and take the quiz!

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