Secrets of Sustained Success: The Right-Brain Way

Interview with Jennifer Lee

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Today I have a treat that feeds my soul!  I have always talked about the importance of having support from experts in life and business. Today I am happy to have Jennifer Lee, my business coach and expert support, to share with you her business secrets of sustained success, as a part of her Book Blog Tour.

Whether or not you are an entrepreneur, artist, a stay at home mom, or a student just launching from college, you will benefit from the awesome expertise of this lovely wise woman.  She makes creating a business about creating your life!  Come take this little dive into her knowledge and take home some ideas about following your life vision.

Jennifer Lee is the founder of Artizen Coaching® and the bestselling author of The Right Brain Business Plan, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to launch their creative businesses.

She leads an online Right Brain Business Plan Mentorship Program that offers ongoing support for creative entrepreneurs. I have benefited personally from this program over the past the past two years.  This program has made a tremendous impact on my own business and life, as it has for many of my creative cohorts.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Lee (The Right-Brain Business Plan)
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Lee (The Right-Brain Business Plan)

So let’s get down to the juicy stuff that awaits us in this interview…

Jenn just launched her second book, Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way: Sustainable Success for the Creative Entrepreneur. Whatever our walk in life, sustainable success sounds good, doesn’t it!

Let’s find out how we can do it!

BTW – This was supposed to be my first video blog, but was not viewer friendly, so it will be audio only! I am still learning the art of vlogging.


Author: Susan S. Miller, PhD, LPCS, NCC for Miller Counseling Services, PC

Dr. Susan Miller

Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS, NCC is a Psychotherapist, Certified Creativity Coach, Certified Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach, Entrepreneur & Life Coach offers counseling, coaching & creativity workshops that light the path of your life journey through Lighted Path® Coaching and Miller Counseling Services, PC Along with having 30+ years of counseling, coaching, and group facilitation experience, Susan is a life-time trained artist with a special interest in painting, mixed media and fabric art.

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