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I have fallen in love with art journaling!

Night Time Wonders

It is a great way to express the creative soul within, to allow yourself to heal from old wounds, to challenge yourself to go higher with your passions and dreams.  I use art journaling in my therapy and coaching with individuals to explore many aspects of themselves and their desires for their lives.  I would love to offer you a few website links that provide quality (yet inexpensive) instruction on art journaling, digital journaling, and creative mixed media projects (those that use many types of media: paint, pastels, paper, fabric, pens, inks, sprays, etc.)   The great things about these types of art expression is that you do not have to be a trained artist.  If you like to try your hand at some meaningful creativity, here is your chance!

Here are some really great sites about mixed media art and art journaling: 

  • with Tamara Laporte out of the UK.  Tamara teaches online classes that are so much fun!  Come join me in making a Life Book for 2012 and a class called Digital Dreams (about working with Photoshop in your art journaling).  There are bunches more to choose from not to mention all of the free classes and STUFF!
  • with Kira Harding.  The group I am presently participating in is Journaling Deep, a weekly studio on art journaling.  She provides videos and an art community to connect and journal with.
  • is a great site to join in workshops about many creative things, especially regarding art journaling and mixed media expression.

I also provide creativity therapy and creativity coaching using art journaling, as well as instruction and fun at my Art Journaling classes at Miller Counseling Services.  Take a look at our services to see if you may be interested in serving yourself with a creative journey of your own that will help you get on track with your life!

~Author: Susan S. Miller, PhD, LPCS, NCC, BCPCC

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