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Living in Joy & Abundance: An Interview w/ Violette Clark


creativity fairy2Have you ever met someone who seems to be living their life in abundance and joy?  Someone who is authentically expressing themselves creatively?  Someone who is gratitude, funky fun, and full-on mojo all wrapped up in a person who you could hang out with for hours and hours and never run out of things to do, talk about or think about? This awesome person is Violette Clark, an artist, author and an Idea Factory extraordinaire!

Journalbliss_bookcover1As a free spirit, she shares her outside-of-the-box life with her readers and Facebook friends.  Her art has been featured in a number of publications as well as in her own book, Journal Bliss, which was one of the first books that inspired my entry into the world of art journaling. Violette teaches workshops online and offline, giving Mojo sessions to women who need to get their mojo going. Her magic cottage, art, glittergal van have all been featured on numerous TV shows.  You can find Violette hugging trees or happily creating in her purple magic cottage in B.C. Canada.

Violette’s website, Purple Juice Idea Factoryhttp://purplejuice.ca/ where she gets your mojo going!  Her blog, Violette’s Creative Juice, chocked full of mojo strategies and other juicy stuff is http://www.violette.ca/. Her Facebook page is located at https://www.facebook.com/violetteclark.

Violette Clark
Violette Clark

To kick off my Artist of the Month Blog with Lighted Path® Coaching, Violette agreed to talk to us about living the creative life in gratitude, living life in abundance and joy, and following your creative dreams.  If you want to jumpstart your Umph! Machine, then join us in this magical and fun interview with the wonderful Violette!

Interview with Violette Clark

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Living in Abundance & Joy: Interview w/ Violette Clark from Lighted Path® Coaching & MCS on Vimeo.

A Few Blissful images by Violette Clark

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Author: Susan S. Miller, PhD, LPCS, NCC for Miller Counseling Services, PC

Dr. Susan Miller

Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS, NCC is a Psychotherapist, Certified Creativity Coach, Certified Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach, Entrepreneur & Life Coach offers counseling, coaching & creativity workshops that light the path of your life journey through Lighted Path® Coaching and Miller Counseling Services, PC Along with having 30+ years of counseling, coaching, and group facilitation experience, Susan is a life-time trained artist with a special interest in painting, mixed media and fabric art.

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