Creative Business Planning with Unique Vision Boarding

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If you are an entrepreneur, following your passion and building a business is something that takes courage, positive energy and creative business planning.

It means embracing the joys, living out the excitement and following the ideas that you desire to see move into fruition.  As a creative entrepreneur, I enjoy mapping out the path for my business as it changes over time. I have found myself intuitively working toward goals and seeing things change as my passions get more defined and focused. Creative business planning requires a fluid process requiring the right side of the brain as well as more left brain, linear details.

As a seasoned psychotherapist, an artist and creativity coach, I value the connection between emotional healing and creative pursuit. I desired to learn more about creativity by seeking certification as a creativity coach with the Creativity Coaching Association.  I sensed “a change a-coming” with this decision, which pivoted me into helping individuals find and follow their creative path in life and business. Along with psychotherapy, creativity and business/life visioning has become a collaborative specialty in my coaching and counseling practice.

I learned that approaching a business plan was not just a paper and pen sort of thing that follows sequential steps.

I always felt sort of out of the box that I did not have a formal plan. Business planning for me was a more fluid, intuitive process. It would just sort of happen.  I would start from the big vision, then work backwards.  Like most creative entrepreneurs, having creative ways to do business visioning helps me to funnel into more left brain action planning.

One intuitive way I learn more about my business is vision boarding.  I recently created several vision boards about my coaching and creativity workshops business:

  • I picked three favorite colors
  • Painted three big sheets of paper
  • Decorated them by collaging images, words and phrases from magazines
  • I focused on three areas:
    1. My business vision and values.
    2. My perfect customers.
    3. My products and services.

This amazing experience led me toward creating a brand, a website, and several products/services that I wanted to “get out there.”

SONY DSC SONY DSCIf you are more right brained, try this fun intuitive process of visioning your creative business. By exploring your creative business ideas, you can stay focused on your big dreams, tell that inner critic to take a hike, embrace what may seem to be impossible and follow those strong inklings in your heart.  Vision boards can develop positive movement in creative entrepreneurship and help you open up to a “change a-coming!”


Author: Susan S. Miller, PhD, LPCS, NCC for Miller Counseling Services, PC

Dr. Susan Miller
Dr. Susan Miller

Susan Miller is a Psychotherapist, Certified Creativity Coach, Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach, Life Coach, Entrepreneur Coach, with Lighted Path®Coaching and Creativity Workshops, a Collaborative of Miller Counseling Services, PC.

Dr. Miller is a licensed facilitator of the Right Brain Business Plan® Workshop which is a two – three day exciting, creative and focused experience which gives creative entrepreneurs strategies and clarification regarding their business idea or dreams.  This workshop has been created by Jennifer Lee, author of  Right Brain Business Plan: A Creative Visual Map for Success.

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