Goodbye Toxic Friend! QuitSmart® Smoking Cessation

today-i-quit-smoking-1So you’re now into the New Year, and, reflecting on things of the year completed.  How about those relationships?  Especially with that one particular toxic relationship.  You know the one… many days may seem good, but sometimes the morning, or the evening you just ‘gag,’ over the whole thing. Your companion is there, with you, in your car keeping you from that feeling of being alone. Outside on those very cold, or, very hot days, there is your clinging friend, whom you just won’t abandon!  That familiar scent, wherever you go, goes along with you.  Always available, whenever you are stressed, the relationship has become habitual!  Sometimes you are even in bed together, although you know that is high risk.  Even though you may have sought professional help with this relationship, it is just so hard letting go.  Maybe you break-up for a while, but, before you know it, you’re back into it, full throttle.  You know deep down, though, it’s just bad!  Not helpful, or, healthy!

The most common names for these companions are Winston, Virginia, Marb Red, and others.  You guessed it, that companion is your cigarette!  That you may have tried without success may be more a matter of timing and the right approach, rather than you being the one that just can’t quit.  Breaking a relationship can be tough, so rather than trying to do it alone.

QuitSmart®…that’s right, learn to quit the smart way, with a proven program that promotes leaving that toxic friend behind once and for all!  For more info on how to feel better, be freer, and save a whole lot of money, take a look at Miller Counseling Services Stress Management Tools as well as the Calendar for upcoming Quitsmart® groups.

~Author: Mr. David Wiley, MS, LPC

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