The Right Brain Business Plan® Rocks!!

Who knew that a tiny, oddly shaped book, like the one below, could contain a (get ready…) Business Plan?! Rather unorthodox don’t you think?

Lighted Path Coaching, featured book shown created by Susan Miller.

But guess what, it works! Not only is it a creative journey into the depths of your inner planner, it’s also a visual tool to help you stay on track.

You don’t have to be creative to do this, all you need is to let your right side of your brain (the creative side) start doing some talkin’!

Check out Dr. Miller’s new Lighted Path blog about the The Right Brain Business Plan® (a book by Jennifer Lee of Artizan Coaching). It’s the backdrop of a workshop Miller Counseling Services offers. Check out our calendar on a regular basis to find out when the next one is! It’s a two day workshop that will really light a fire on your creative planning side.

via The Right Brain Business Plan® Rocks!!

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