Tax Season Cringe

Tax Season: Two words that make most people cringe (unless you’re a CPA).  It’s that time of year again! This is a time of year that our budget and finances (which have always, most likely, been an issue) force their way into your brain and wiggle out in a frown. Don’t you hate it? I just spent several hours printing up my statements and swimming through all of the medical and personal receipts- not fun. Just the topic of taxes make me want to curl up inside myself and not peek until after April 15.
...Life! Don't talk to me about life...
 But you know what? We all have to deal with it. Looking at the state of our finances can be quite humbling. No, I’m not going to write about coaching you through your finance crisis. I’m the last person you want to get advice from; numbers just aren’t my thing. One of the humbling things about reviewing finances at tax season is honestly looking at your strengths and weaknesses and then setting goals for the next season.
  •  What can you learn from last year’s mistakes?   
  •  What do you like about how you handled your finances?   
  •  What do you see that could be done differently?   
 These are common questions that are usually asked or inferred in most of us during this time of year. What if instead of taxes, you asked the same questions about other areas of your life? It doesn’t hurt to categorize certain areas in order to take account of them (relationships, mental health, personal care, job, finances, spiritual state etc.).
For example:  
  •  What did I learn about my anxiety patterns this past year?   
  •  What would I do differently about my personal life?   
  •  What do I like about how I handled my relationships?   
  •  What does my spiritual health look like?   
 Making a “Pro’s & Con’s” list couldn’t hurt! Take no more than 30 minutes to either have a family meeting, a couples pow-wow, or spend some time alone with a journal to review the previous year. Limit this time to under an hour; these topics could lead you on bunny trails if you’re not careful. Stick to the subject and write it down. You’d be surprised at how much this may help in setting the scene for this next year’s goals. Why not use your past experiences to build a better future?
“Insanity: when you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein
Author: Sarah A. Miller, MA | Miller Counseling Services, PC

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