Let the Dominos Fall

be very, very careful.

Step One: God sets up a beautiful style of DOMINOS in a design we can’t even see from our perspective.

Step Two: Sometimes God rearranges these DOMINOS as He has always known He would. Whether this be allowing Satan to move, push, or take away a few, God always knows best for your purpose.

Step Three: Allow the rearranging, falling, and even tipping of these DOMINOS to happen.

  • Take a deep breath during this step. You’ll need it.
  • Let your anxieties peak without freaking out, allowing your brain to understand that this situation has a purpose.
  • Let your fears be released.
  • Let your doubt be erased and replaced with peace.

Step Four: The DOMINOS all have a purpose in your life.

  • God is moving those dominos as always planned. Let it happen and don’t be a control freak.
  • This may put you down a harder path than you want.
  • God knows the design of these dominos. All we can see is a fractal.

~Author: Sarah A. Miller, MA at Miller Counseling Services, PC

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