Today’s Special: Happy Birthday to You…& Me

So, I will admit that I have an October birthday.

But, when we really think about it, we only really have one birthday, the day that we were actually born…unless we’re ‘born again’ (see the Bible, verse John 3:3).  Everything after that is the ‘remembrance’ or the ‘celebration’ of that day that we were born.  That being said, for simplicity of the blog, the words, birthday, celebration, and anything else close to that will be synonymous with that special day.

Birthdays are a pretty big thing, though.

We can go out to a restaurant and perfect strangers will join in the singing of wishing us a Happy Birthday, lead by the obligatory chorus of waiters and waitresses aka. servers.  You’re pretty well guaranteed at least a candle burning cupcake!  We even go to the extent of celebrating a lot of other people’s, typically historical figures, birthdays; Christmas (Jesus), Presidents’ Day, Martin Luther King, Fourth of July (Happy Birthday, USA), it seems that everybody loves a party.

Traditions are also a part of birthdays.

What is fun, for me, is that my family members will laugh at all of my jokes on my special day, whether they’re good, bad, or don’t make any sense.  I get to choose whatever I want to eat (although, I might also end up having to grill it, myself).  Other than Christmas, wedding days, it is also a day that you will often see a present or two!

When it comes to our mental health, it’s also good that birthdays come around every year.

 It is our special day to celebrate.  It is our day to feel special.  It is a day of affirmation, when we might hear well wishes from friends, and family.  It is also a day when, unlike a funeral, we’re around to hear those well-wishes.

Perhaps, birthdays have been none of the above.

Perhaps they are days with mixed emotions, at best, or sad emotions, driven by a number of factors.  If this is, or has been the case, I’m sorry that has been your experience.  It doesn’t have to be. Consider this year, thinking of ways that you might celebrate YOU, on your special day…give yourself permission to do so!


Author: David Wiley, MS, LPC for Miller Counseling Services, PC

Mr. David Wiley, MS, LPC

Mr. David Wiley, MS, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Miller Counseling Services.  He has practiced in a variety of behavioral health settings in the Triangle area of North Carolina since 1981, including innovative approaches to substance abuse and chronic pain management, crisis intervention, as well as working with relationship issues with couples and families. Areas of interest, and expertise include: mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, substance abuse education/screening/outpatient follow-up, ADD/ADHD, relationship/premarital/marital counseling along with co-therapy, stress/pain management including biofeedback modality, life transition issues especially with college students as well as older adults, adolescent counseling.


We wish David a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY on October 29th 2013! -MCS Admin Team

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