When Should I Seek Counseling?

Let’s face it, life can present overwhelming challenges produced anxiety, despair and confusion. Each of us has our fair share of problems to solve but how do we know when seek professional help for mental anguish or with a particular situation. How do we know when our family would benefit from outside assistance within the context of safety and confidentiality? When should you seek counseling?

If these are questions you are asking yourself, the following list needs described below may be of assistance…

  1. You cannot seem to get over a past or more recent traumatic event: Perhaps you grieving the death of a loved one or have recurring thoughts about an accident, abuse or neglect.
  2. You are having difficulty with constant headaches, digestive problems or chronic sickness.
  3. You struggles to cope with the pressures of life without depending on alcohol, legal/illegal substances or another dysfunctional behavior.
  4. Work has becomes unmanageable due to unfavorable reviews, relational conflicts or lost vision for the future.
  5. You feel inadequate in helping your loved one overcome a risk-taking lifestyle, aggressive outbursts or harmful choices.
  6. You are aware of lost interest in activities you previously enjoyed or you find yourself isolating from family and friends.
  7. You are experiencing continual strife, confusion or separation in significant interpersonal relationships.
  8. Your family members, friends and/or boss has expressed concern for your wellbeing.
  9. You recognize that your current parenting skills are inadequate to meet the needs of your child’s stage of development, internal or external difficulties.
  10. You need information about other resources and professionals in the community that can provide answers.

Our staff of trained and licensed counselors have helped countless people find renewed hope, vision and strategies for enjoyment everyday life.

Remember we offer phone consults on a daily basis to help guide you in your decision.

Our staff is available to help with insurance questions. You do not need to suffer alone, it is our joy to work with you in the midst of your struggle.


Author: Beth Holloway, MA, LPCA for Miller Counseling Services, PC

Beth Holloway, MA, LPCA

Beth Holloway, MA, LPCA is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and has more than 12 years’ experience in the mental health field. She has recently joined the Miller Counseling Services team and specializes in counseling individuals and couples who have experienced all types of losses including abuse, domestic strife, and trauma. She enjoys leading group therapy classes in the areas of Divorce Recovery, Spiritual Enrichment, Couples and Parent/Child Relationships, Grief Processing and Depression Recovery. Beth has had the privilege of traveling all over the United States and to more than 10 foreign countries and has been enriched by learning about people from diverse cultures and ethnic groups.

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