Adolescent Counseling

What ages do you work with?

Dr. Susan Miller works with adolescents 15+, as well as adults.

How long should this take?

The purpose of counseling adolescents is to provide support in difficult seasons and education on proven tools to improve the relationship within the family. Dr. Miller’s goal is to equip you to navigate current and future road bumps within the structure of your family. For some this may take just a few sessions where with other families we may recommend extended therapy to address deep seated issues.

What is therapy like and as a parent, will I be included as part of my child’s therapy?

When beginning the therapeutic relationship, Dr. Miller strives to spend individual time with both the teen and the parent or guardian to assist in understanding perspectives. She will access the best method on a case by case basis.  Parents will be included in the therapy and treatment with their children.  Sessions typically last an hour depending on the need.  Primarily she work with families in a combination of individual and family therapy.  It is recommended to utilize extended sessions at times when feasible to assist with productivity and to expedite improvement.