Bariatric Pre-Surgery Psychological Assessment

What Is A Bariatric Psychological Assessment?

If you are exploring bariatric surgery, then you will be required to have a psychological assessment as a part of your surgical preparation process. Insurance companies require this evaluation before the surgeon can approve your surgery.  Your doctor and the surgical team knows the importance of good emotional health for the results to be maximized in helping you lose weight, change your lifestyle and relationship with food, as well as making sure you have the support you need in your life to manage this life-changing event.

In your psychological assessment you will explore with your counseling specialist, Dr. Susan Miller, your motivation for getting bariatric surgery, your strengths and family/friend support, your relationship with food and your body, and weight and life history. You will be able to ask questions about the psychological effects of the weight loss surgery as well as learn about risks and certain emotional concerns that come up post-surgery, such as mood changes, dealing with emotional eating triggers and lack of support.

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Will The Counselor Label Me As Mentally Ill?

Obesity does not indicate mental illness.  Thus the counselor is not trying to find some reason for not recommending surgery.  Dr. Miller is trying to understand what may become an obstacle for you up ahead so you will have the support that you need. She is exploring your ability to be able to navigate the road to recovery and weight loss.  Seldom does a person have emotional concerns great enough to put a halt in recommendation for surgery.

What Is The Procedure For Having A Psychological Assessment?

  1. Set up your appointment and fill out the forms prior to coming to your appointment. Click Here
  2. You will have testing time (about 2 hours) prior to your hour appointment with Dr. Miller. All tests are finished the day of the evaluation.
  3. Dr. Miller requires a 30 minute follow-up appointment 7 days later to go over any questions and make recommendations.
  4. Your doctors will receive a written report in about 2 weeks after your original appointment date.

What Are The Fees For A Bariatric Psychological Assessment?

Fee: $355 due upon scheduling the appointment with our office.  If you miss your appointment you will be billed a missed appointment fee. Many insurance companies reimburse for psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery.

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