The Team

Sarah Miller Candler, MA ​-​ ​Administrative Director​

Sarah is Administrative Director ​at Lighted Path​​®​ Coaching and Miller Counseling Services. She has partnered directly with LP & MCS since 2008 providing in-house directive support, streamlining protocols, online management of social media & blogging campaigns and website services. In addition to offering the background support, Sarah also communicates with incoming and current clients, answering questions and scheduling appointments.

Having a love for administration, Sarah finished her bachelor’s in Psychology & Human Services in ’07 and her Master’s in Human Services & Executive Leadership in ’08. She also has previously managed a local roofing company implementing the same directive organization.

Sarah and her husband Matthew reside in Clayton, North Carolina and recently gave birth to their first child, Emma.

If you would like to find out more about Sarah and her services, head on over to Yellow Bird Integrations.

Lezette Markham ​-​ ​Contract Digital Brand ManagerLezette Markham ​-​ ​Contract Digital Brand Manager

Lezette is a contracted Digital Brand Manager for Lighted Path​​®​ Coaching and Miller Counseling Services. She assists in the development and maintenance of our websites and overall online presence.

She loves using her techie talents and artistic nature to help those that use their hearts and hands to bring joy, healing and beauty to the world. She helps entrepreneurs share their personal gifts and talents to the world in a brave and authentic way.

Her motto is to live life artfully. She brings mindful skill to every aspect of her life and business for the benefit of beauty and joy. This practice of living life artfully is not about perfection for Lezette, it is a practice of awareness and creativity.

Lezette is a multifaceted designer and consultant with 10+ years of experience bringing brands to the online world. Her playful, customer driven and detail orientated values make her an ideal team member for Lighted Path​​®​ Coaching and Miller Counseling Services. She uses creative workshops, online business consulting, and all around inspiring products to provide a life & business to celebrate. She provide these services to heart-centered women entrepreneurs who have soooo much to give but need a little help connecting all the digital pieces.

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